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National accounts figures show Australian economy still too reliant on mining exports: Greens

Greens Treasury spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the national accounts released this morning reveal that the Australian economy is still heavily reliant on mining exports, leaving us exposed to changing prices and demand.

“It’s concerning that growth is still so heavily reliant on mining exports, because it leaves us exposed to changing prices and demand,” Mr Bandt said.

“The figures confirm we must redouble our efforts to grow the new economy, including by making Australia a renewable energy superpower.”

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Senate puts ice on government’s ideological super attack

Adam Bandt 2 Dec 2015

Greens Treasury spokesperson Adam Bandt MP welcomed the crossbench Senators putting the ice on the government’s ideological attack on super through their Superannuation Trustees Governance legislation.

“The banks are coming for people’s super and the government is helping them,” Mr Bandt said.

“The government is being driven by ideology, not evidence.”

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Malcolm Turnbull: Pretender in Paris, but clean energy slasher at home

Greens Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said today that while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has committed to double clean energy research and development in Paris, his government is set to slash over $23 billion of public investment, and much more in private investment, in clean energy by sticking with their plans to abolish the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

“When it comes to solar power and clean energy, Malcolm Turnbull is a pretender in Paris and a slasher at home,” Mr Bandt said.

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PM Turnbull must ditch attacks on ARENA & CEFC, double their budgets instead: Greens

Responding to news that the Turnbull government has committed to double research & development investment on clean energy over the next five years, the Australian Greens today called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to ditch his government’s plans to abolish ARENA and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), and instead double their budgets.

“How can you, on one hand, say you support innovation and science, and on the other hand want to abolish ARENA and the CEFC? It doesn’t make sense,” Greens Leader Senator Richard Di Natale said.

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Turnbull should follow California as they go for 70 per cent renewables by 2030

Greens Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the recent decision by California to increase renewable energy to 70% over the next fifteen years reinforces the Greens’ decision to push 90% renewables in Australia.

Last month Californian Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill to increase new renewables to 50% by 2030, on top of existing renewable production of approximately 20%. California is the world’s eighth biggest economy.

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PBO analysis shows lifetime caps alone not enough to reform super: Greens

Adam Bandt 23 Nov 2015

Following reports that Treasury is considering placing a lifetime cap on voluntary super contributions advocated by various think tanks and industry groups, the Greens have indicated that while they will consider all options for superannuation reform, PBO analysis indicates it may not generate enough savings to rein in the rising cost of superannuation tax concessions.

Greens Treasury spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said:

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Arts Minister's rebranding of cuts not enough: Greens

Adam Bandt 23 Nov 2015

Greens arts spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today congratulated the Australian arts community for forcing new Arts Minister Mitch Fifield’s partial backdown on George Brandis’ NPEA. But Mr Bandt said the new Minister squandered his opportunity to restore the government's relationship with the arts sector by only tinkering with George Brandis' personal vanity project, not scrapping it, and called on Minister Fifield to go all the way by returning the full $104 million to the Australia Council.

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Greens announce RenewAustralia – a plan to power the new economy

On the eve of global climate negotiations kicking off in Paris, the Australian Greens have today released their detailed plan ensure that by 2030 Australia's energy generation is at least 90% renewable and twice as efficient. A new government authority called RenewAustralia would deliver a 15 year pipeline of clean energy projects through a combination of reverse auctions and direct investment.

"Today the Greens unveil RenewAustralia - our plan to power the new economy and create thousands of jobs ," said Australian Greens Leader, Dr Richard Di Natale.

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UK to end coal-fired power by 2025, Australia must follow: Greens

In response to news that the UK proposes to phase out coal-fired power stations by 2025, the Australian Greens today called for the government to transition Australia's energy sources from polluting fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy, like wind and solar.

Greens Energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said:

"It's great to hear that the UK is proposing to phase out their coal-fired power stations within the decade."

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Coal power plant closure debate needed: Greens

Greens energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP has welcomed a new study by ANU economists outlining an option for closing coal fire-power stations in Australia.

The paper soon to be published in the journal of Economic Analysis and Policy outlines a proposed new market mechanism for the early regulated closure of highly polluting power stations.

“This is a good contribution to the debate over how to deal with the legacy of highly polluting coal-fired power stations, such as Victoria’s Hazelwood, that are excess to the capacity and must be shut down,” Mr Bandt said.

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