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Join us in Calling on Melbourne

Over the past few months supporters of the Make Change Melbourne project have hit the streets to promote action on climate change. We have been holding local MP listening posts at supermarkets, doorknocking, letterboxing and engaging with residents on the plan to cut pollution.

Now we are starting the next phase of our project. We hope you can be involved as we continue our conversation with Melbourne residents.

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Federal funding for new Victorian coal plant may not happen: Bandt

The Minister for Energy is considering not funding a new coal fired power station in Victoria, Greens MP Adam Bandt said today.

In Question Time today the Minister confirmed that $100 million promised to the company by the Howard government had not been transferred, and that there were discussions still taking place on "whether or not" the funding would go ahead.

The Victorian EPA recently failed to approve the company's plan, putting the project at risk of not meeting conditions required for the funding.

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Cut pollution - Make clean energy cheaper

UPDATE: Read the details of the carbon price and clean energy package here.

Pollution from burning coal, oil and gas is driving a climate crisis, making our world more dangerous, increasing prices of food and water and jeopardising our way of life.

But if we cut pollution and invest properly in the clean alternatives, we can build a healthier, cleaner, more secure economy and community for all of us.

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Bandt congratulates climate commission on forum

Greens MP Adam Bandt joined the Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet and other MPs at today's public forum held by the Climate Commission at Parliament House.

Mr Bandt congratulated the Commission on a fantastic forum and said it reinforced the need for urgent and profound action.

"The Commissioners are to be congratulated on an excellent event", Mr Bandt said.

"The Climate Commissioners clear answers to my question about the climate impact on Australia's agriculture show we have no time to waste."

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