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‘March In March’ shows Abbott is losing support

Media Release
Adam Bandt 17 Mar 2014

Greens Deputy Leader and Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt MP, today said that the ‘March In March’ protests across the country were an expression of how strongly people feel against Tony Abbott’s hard-line policies.

“We are a few months into a new Government and already people have taken to the streets to say that Tony Abbott is not acting in their name.”

“Across the country, people who want to keep Australia humane, egalitarian and compassionate are standing up to Tony Abbott in their thousands.”

“As I said at the Canberra rally today, where I was very pleased to accept a Statement of No Confidence in the Government from the ‘March In March’ organisers, it’s important that this movement keeps it up.”

“Locking up refugees, cutting down old-growth forests and denying climate change are just the curtain raisers.

“The Abbott Government will attack people, especially vulnerable people, and the environment even harder over the coming months but The Greens will stand with people and fight for an Australia we can all be proud of.”

With regard to allegations about offensive placards, Mr Bandt emphasised the following at the event: “Intemperate language won’t help the cause. I haven’t seen all the signs but what’s important is to focus on the issues.”

The Greens will seek to have the ‘March In March’ statement of no confidence tabled and debated in Parliament. 

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