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Abbott channelling Trump to sabotage NEG: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 4 Jul 2018

Abbott channelling Trump to sabotage NEG: Bandt

Greens Acting Leader and climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today slammed Tony Abbott for calling on the government to abandon the Paris Agreement. Bandt said that Abbott’s comments coincide with a push from the coal-hugging National party to establish a $5 billion coal fund, both of which are designed to sabotage the NEG. Bandt is demanding that Josh Frydenberg provide all details of the government’s energy package before the upcoming COAG meeting in August.

“Tony Abbott will only be satisfied when a verse about coal-fired power stations is inserted into our national anthem,” said Mr Bandt.

“Abbott and the Nationals are working together to try and water down the already inadequate NEG and sabotage effective action to combat dangerous global warming.

“Josh Frydenberg needs to come clean, before COAG, on any promises he’s made and deals he’s doing with the coal-huggers to get support for the NEG.

“Since this government came to power, we’ve gone from world leading climate change legislation to rising pollution and a touted $5 billion coal fund.

“Any push to subsidise coal will affect how the NEG works. Full transparency is essential so that states and territories know exactly what they’re being asked to sign up to.

“I’m worried that after COAG, they’ll announce some pro-pollution measures that will make a bad policy even worse.

“It’s essential that energy ministers see the full package before they decide whether or not to approve the NEG.”

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