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Abbott Dances to Gina Rinehart’s Tune on Worker Exploitation

Media Release
Adam Bandt 11 Aug 2014

“The Government is set to give Gina Rinehart her wish and exclude the Northern Territory from national labour laws that protect people’s rights at work,” said acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP.

“Put yourself in the shoes of a young jobseeker in the Northern Territory, where about one in nine are without a job.

“Northern Territory’s young job seekers will be forced to compete with workers bought in from overseas who don’t have to comply with Australian labour laws and who can work for half the wages.

“Young jobseekers will have to spend six months every year without income, while cheap overseas labour undercuts them.

“Even more frightening is the reported looming plan to excise the Pilbara from Australian labour laws as well.

“If an employer in Darwin or the Pilbara can hire someone from overseas over a young job seeker because their wages will be half as much, why would they employ a local?

“The Abbott Government has declared intergenerational war against young people.

“The Abbott Government is forcing young people to live in poverty or accept below-award wages.

“The Greens will fight this move to exclude Darwin and the Pilbara from the nation’s labour laws,” said Mr Bandt.

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