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Abbott-friendly NEG is a dog: Greens

Media Release
Adam Bandt 20 Apr 2018

Abbott-friendly NEG is a dog: Greens

Greens energy and climate change spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that as Tony Abbott starts tweeting in support of the NEG, Labor should toughen up and demand better of the Federal government than this dog of a policy.

“The NEG is a dog,” said Mr Bandt. 

“The NEG was designed to appease the coal-huggers on the backbench and Tony Abbott’s latest endorsement suggests that plan is working.”

“The NEG is a recipe for uncertainty. Its low 2030 targets will be met as early as 2020, and to cut pollution consistent with the Paris Agreement any deal will need to be reopened and re-legislated within a year of signing.

“The NEG locks in coal, locks out renewables and places an impossible burden on agriculture and transport to cut their pollution.

“The locked-in low level of pollution cuts in the NEG means other sectors, like agriculture and transport, will have to do much more than their fair share to meet the country’s Paris commitments.

“Labor needs to grow a spine and stand up against this terrible policy cooked up on the fly to appease the coal-huggers on Malcolm Turnbull’s backbench.”

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