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Abbott should reshuffle Cabinet and change Budget direction: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 15 Aug 2014

Tony Abbott should respond to his Treasurer's and Ministers' recent comments by rearranging his front bench and using the opportunity to ditch unfair Budget measures, said Acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt.

"Tony Abbott's senior Ministers have broken the golden rule of Liberal party politics. They've stopped spouting three word slogans and told us what they really think, exposing that they don't share modern Australian values," said Mr Bandt.

"George Brandis wants people to go to prison on the basis of internet laws he doesn't understand, Eric Abetz thinks he's in a better position to control women's bodies than women themselves and Joe Hockey thinks if the poor are hungry they should just eat cake.

"Joe Hockey is the Budget drunk driver who has lost control of both his car and his mouth and he's now headed off a cliff. Tony Abbott should grab the steering wheel and change direction."

"The Parliament and the people are telling the government ‘wrong way, go back'.

"Tony Abbott should reshuffle his Cabinet and his Budget priorities.

"Tony Abbott should rearrange his front bench and use the opportunity to ditch unfair Budget measures, like making people pay more to go to the doctor or to university."


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