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Abetz Should Apologise & Abbott Must Ban Conference Attendance: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 8 Aug 2014

Responding to statements by senior Government Minister, Senator Eric Abetz, claiming a link between abortion and breast cancer, acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP, said that the Minister’s comments were insulting and that he should apologise.

“Eric Abetz’s comments are an insult, not just to any woman who has suffered breast cancer or who has had an abortion, but to all women,” said acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP.

“The Minister should not scare young women by peddling his dark, anti-choice ideology on national television.

“This is a Government of old men who do not share modern Australian values.

“We are witnessing just how much this Government has a problem with women’s freedom.

“These offensive comments come from the Minister responsible for promoting women in the workplace. He must immediately apologise.

“If Senator Abetz accepts the science on this issue as he now claims, he should commit to not attending the World Congress of Families Conference.

“If Tony Abbott accepts the science and respects women’s freedom, he should censure Minister Abetz and ensure that his ministers do not attend this conference either,” said Mr Bandt.

The AMA, Cancer Australia, the World Health Organisation, the US National Cancer Institute, Britain's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and health authorities in Victoria and NSW have all debunked the suggestion that there is a link between abortions and breast cancer.

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