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Australia must implement carbon price to avoid EU tariffs: Greens

Media Release
Adam Bandt 16 Jul 2021

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP has called for the urgent return of the Greens/Labor/Independent carbon price and the lifting of 2030 climate targets, warning that exporters will be subjected to international tariffs beyond our control without it.

A primary condition of the Greens-Labor agreement after Mr Bandt got elected in 2010 and his support was required for Labor to secure government, the carbon price was successfully reducing pollution until it was repealed by Tony Abbott's Liberal Government in 2014.

"By repealing the Greens-secured carbon price, the Liberals have exposed Australian industry to carbon tariffs and our exporters are going to have a price on carbon whether Scott Morrison likes it or not, but it will be one designed overseas instead of here,” Mr Bandt said.

"To give certainty to our exporters and resource industry, we need to lift 2030 emissions targets and re-establish our own carbon price before we have one set for us in 2023.

"We had a carbon price working as intended until it was torn up by the Liberals in an act of climate bastardry. We should have one again.”

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