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Australia needs real jobs, not fake ones

Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, today condemned more allegations of Government bullying and secrecy. 

“Instead of creating real jobs, reports suggest that the office of Minister for Employment, Senator Eric Abetz, is leaning on public servants to cook-up fake ones,” said Mr Bandt. 

“If true, this is more damning evidence that Tony Abbott has no plan for jobs.

“Leaning on public servants to change job numbers data to match Liberal Party election material is not a plan for jobs.

“To create lasting and real jobs, Tony Abbott could support the Renewal Energy Target and allow $1bn-worth of renewable industry investments to proceed, which would set Australia up for the 21st century.

“Tony Abbott should put the emphasis on job creation, not on the budget surplus. 

“With Tony Abbott bereft of ideas for Western Australia when the mining boom is over, it is the Greens who have the ideas and vision for jobs in Australia’s new economy,” said Mr Bandt. 

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