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Baillieu going backwards on indigenous acknowledgement: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 19 May 2011

Greens MP Adam Bandt has condemned the Baillieu government's decision to scrap a requirement for Ministers and Departmental staff to acknowledge traditional owners.

This is a step backwards at a time when we are moving towards a national agreement on recognition of indigenous people in the Constitution, Mr Bandt said

"This is a backward step, that will be rejected by the community," Mr Bandt said.

"Mr Baillieu will be and deserves to be roundly condemned for this decision."

"Acknowledgement of traditional owners is an important part of understanding Victoria and Australia's history and creating respect and building reconciliation."

"In the same week that the Mr Baillieu participated in a State Funeral for one of the country's great athletes he turns around and does this."

"One wonders who the Baillieu government is trying to pander to"

"For the first time this Federal Parliament, with cross-party support, starts each sitting day by acknowledging traditional owners, it is disappointing that the Victorian government is going in the other direction."

"I will continue to acknowledge the traditional owners at every opportunity", Mr Bandt concluded.

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