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Industrial Relations bill must put workers and carers first

New industrial relations laws must work for women and carers and lift the wages of the low paid, the Greens say, as the government introduces their industrial relations bill to the House. The Greens vote will be essential for the bill to pass through the Senate.

Evidence from months of hearings and over 100 submissions before the Select Committee on Work and Care showed that 5 million people are currently trying to balance work with caring responsibilities. 

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Adam Bandt MP - Budget Reply Speech

Adam Bandt 26 Oct 2022

The cost of everything is going up but wages and incomes are going backwards. 

People are going backwards. 

Billionaires and politicians, they get a $9,000 tax cut in Labor’s Budget. Clive Palmer gets a tax cut. Gina Reinhart gets a tax cut. Everyone in this House gets a tax cut.

$254 billion of tax cuts for billionaires and the very wealthy.  

But real cost of living relief for everyone else is delayed.

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Methane Pledge means no new coal & gas mines: Greens

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP has welcomed hints that the Labor Party is considering the long-standing Greens call to sign Joe Biden’s ‘Methane Pledge’ to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030, but said it could only be met by halting massive new gas projects like Betaloo and Scarborough. Further, existing projects simply ‘offsetting’ their emissions would not be enough to meet the pledge, said Mr Bandt.

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Tweaks to tax cuts not the answer: Bandt

Adam Bandt 7 Oct 2022

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP has said that mooted ‘tweaks’ to Labor’s Stage 3 tax cuts are not the answer, and that the government should simply scrap the cuts before they come into effect and start again with a plan to tackle the cost of living crisis by spending $244b on measures like dental into Medicare and free childcare.

“Labor shouldn’t be arguing about whether to give Clive Palmer an $8,000 a year tax cut or a $9,000 a year tax cut. He doesn’t deserve either,” Mr Bandt said.

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Origin bailing out of Beetaloo only the beginning: Greens

Origin Energy’s decision to step back from fracking the Beetaloo Basin is welcome, Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP said today, but warned that the fight to stop the project is still ongoing.

Despite this announcement, Origin have promised to remain a customer of the project.

With growing backlash to opening up the Beetaloo Basin to fracking, which would unleash 34 billion tonnes of carbon emissions, Adam Bandt said that the government should provide certainty by blocking new coal and gas.

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Labor's Stage 3 Tax Cuts give richest 1% as much as the bottom 65%

Adam Bandt 30 Aug 2022

New independent research from the Parliamentary Budget Office shows that Labor’s Stage 3 Tax cuts will give Australia’s richest 1% as much as the bottom 65% of taxpayers in its first year.

Amid a cost of living crisis, the data confirms that the Stage 3 tax cuts will effectively dismantle Australia’s progressive taxation system, and overwhelmingly favour the nation’s richest people.

Women will get around 50c for every dollar a man receives, further increasing gender inequality, and a huge proportion of the $243.5bn will go to people in the top tax bracket. 

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Greens in Senate won’t rubber stamp Jobs Summit outcomes, want wages lift now

Greens Leader and Workplace Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt has said any deal reached at the Jobs and Skills summit risked becoming nothing more than an ‘historical footnote’ without Greens support, as unless Labor chooses to work with the union-busting Liberals, the only pathway for legislative implementation of Summit outcomes requires Greens support.

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