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Bandt moves animal export bill

Media Release
Adam Bandt 20 Jun 2011


Greens MP Adam Bandt has introduced a bill for an immediate ban on live cattle exports into the House of Representatives.


"As we have seen again today, this time in Kuwait, Indonesia is not the only country where animals exported from Australia are subject to incredible cruelty," Mr Bandt told the House.


"It is disappointing that the Labor caucus has been willing to go along with the Minister's plan to reinstate live animal exports to Indonesia with only weak guidelines."


"Despite the public desire for strong action, the government seems unwilling to pursue principled policy in the face of industry lobbying."


"It is clear Meat and Livestock Australia has been more focused on selling and promoting the industry instead of protecting animal welfare."


"Minister Ludwig should stop being an industry patsy and instead listen to the Australian public, who want strong protections against cruelty."


"My bill will deliver that strong action. It will provide for an immediate and complete ban on live animal exports for slaughter."


"A three year phase out is too little too late. During that time many, many animals could be subject to the types of mistreatment we saw on the Four Corners program."

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