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Bandt releases bill to abolish cattle grazing

Greens MP Adam Bandt has given notice of a private members bill to overturn the Baillieu government's decision to allow cattle grazing in Victoria's Alpine National Park.

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (Abolition of Alpine Grazing) Bill 2011 will deem the Federal Environment Minister to have decided to reject alpine grazing in the National Park, forcing the Victorian government to remove the cattle.

Mr Bandt said he would prefer Minister Burke to move against the cattle grazing, but if there wasn't action from the Federal government he would push ahead with a vote on the bill.

"This outrageous act of environmental vandalism by the Victorian government must be overridden", Mr Bandt said today.

"Cattle grazing will endanger a number of threatened species, destroy vegetation and pollute creeks."

"These alpine areas are important wilderness and heritage areas and an expansion of cattle grazing would threaten an important part of Victoria's tourist economy."

"Yesterday I received a briefing from the Minister's Department on what they are doing to investigate the cattle grazing and possible breaches of the EPBC Act."

"And today in Question Time I asked the Minister for the Environment if he could give me a timeline for when he would take action, but he was not able to provide one."

"While I welcome the work of the Department, at the current pace it doesn't seem that action will happen anytime soon. This issue needs to go to the top of the Minister's and the Department's priority list."

"Every day of delay is another day of damage to the Alpine National Park. Therefore I am moving forward with my bill to abolish cattle grazing in the park."

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