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Bandt welcomes end to cattle in Alpine Park

Media Release
Adam Bandt 31 Jan 2012

Greens MP Adam Bandt has welcomed a decision by Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to reject the Victorian government plan to graze cattle in the Alpine National Park.

Mr Bandt said the decision was the culmination of a hard fought campaign and that he would no longer proceed with his bill to outlaw grazing in the national park.

"This is the right decision by the Minister and a victory for the campaign led by the Victorian National Parks Association."

"This should put an end to the Victorian government's plan, which was all about fulfilling a grubby election deal. The State government should now take the opportunity to work cooperatively with other governments on managing the national park."

"I will no longer proceed with my bill to outlaw grazing, but if the Victorian government attempts to circumvent the Minister's order we will revive the bill and put the issue beyond doubt."

"The Minister for Environment should not use this good decision as an excuse for not taking action elsewhere in the country, such as the heritage listing of Cape York."

Mr Bandt's Environment and Biodiversity Conservation (Abolition of Alpine Grazing) Bill 2011 would have legislated a complete ban on grazing of cattle in the Alpine National Park.


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