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Bandt welcomes high speed broadband for Melbourne

Greens MP Adam Bandt has welcomed the decision to make Melbourne one of the next places for the roll out of high speed broadband.

NBN Co has released its 12-month construction outlook. The schedule lists the communities in each state and territory where work will begin between now and September 2012.

Further details on the specific sites in the electorate will be released in July next year.

"Super fast broadband will unlock opportunities for innovation and collaboration that will boost Melbourne's and Australia's economy", Mr Bandt said today.

"I am proud of the Australian Greens' support for high speed broadband, which would be ‘demolished' if Tony Abbott had his way."

"I am pleased my electorate of Melbourne will host one of the next sites for the National Broadband Network rollout."

"Access Economics recently reported that the internet contributed $50 billion to the Australian economy in 2010, an annual figure that will increase to $70 billion over the next five years."

"People in my electorate love the internet and super-fast broad band will make a big difference to their work, study and leisure."


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