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Boosting Research and Development - The Greens' Plan to Secure our Future Prosperity

Our economy is facing serious challenges as the world moves beyond simply consuming our resources. Trailblazing innovation will be critical to our future prosperity. Caring for workers requires government to invest in the jobs of the future today.

Labor has been stealing from our future by cutting funding from research and development programs and our universities. Meanwhile Tony Abbott doesn't want anything to change. He sees coal and mining as the future, regardless of the fact that our trading partners are moving in the other direction.

The Greens refuse to risk our country's future. We recognise that a diverse, creative and resilient economy is the guarantee we need for a prosperous society beyond the resources boom.

The Greens will secure this future by:

  • Lifting investment, public and private, in Research and Development to 3% of GDP by 2020;
  • Encouraging greater uptake of private investment of R&D; and
  • Restoring funding to the Sustainable Research Excellence program.

The Greens have a track record of defending research and development.

Read The Greens' plan for boosting research and development.

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