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Brisbane residents fighting against aircraft noise

Speeches in Parliament
Adam Bandt 27 Oct 2021

I rise today to express my and the Greens's strong support for the two requests in the 'Noise pollution from Brisbane Airport's flight path' petition that tabled in this place in October. The 2,455 signatories had two reasonable requests:

1. Amend the Air Services Act 1995 to free Airservices Australia from its regulatory capture by the aviation industry and ensure it protects the human and natural environment, community amenity and residential areas from the effects of the operation and use of aircraft.

2. Review to what extent the ministerial approval granted in 2007 relied on flawed and misleading data, with a view to revoke the approval of the current aviation airspace management plan for Brisbane Airport.

Local communities in Brisbane are dealing with significant noise pollution due to the second runway and subsequent changes to flight paths approved by this federal government. Earlier this week hundreds of Brisbane residents joined the Greens candidate for the seat of Griffith, Max Chandler-Mather, in a large rally against unsustainable aircraft noise. As Max Chandler-Mather pointed out, it's important to emphasise that this fight isn't just about the tens of thousands of residents directly affected right now; it's about the very future of Brisbane. As a member of parliament who supported the battles of Melbourne residents against aircraft noise, I understand the community's concern and the importance of this fight. I want to commend the residents who are willing to fight to win this battle and I want to add my voice and the Greens's strength to their cause.

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