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Car industry assistance needs to drive change: Bandt

Greens MP and industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt, says future assistance to the car industry needs to drive innovation and a shift to electric vehicles if an Australian car industry is to survive.

Minister Carr and car companies can't just blame the high dollar for job cuts. They must take responsibility for their failure to adapt to the new market.

"The car industry needs to go green if it is to survive," Mr Bandt said.

"The government needs to play a more active role in driving innovation and require the industry to change. Instead, it is going in the other direction. The government has given $100 million to Toyota for little change and no protection to workers. Job security should be a key criterion for any future funds."

"Ultimately, we need to shift to an industry focused on electric mobility. That is where the world is heading and we need to get ahead of the game."

"We opposed the scrapping of the Green Car Innovation Fund because though it had problems, it was a step in the right direction. As we move to mandatory vehicle fuel efficiency standards, government needs to put something in place of the Green Car fund."

"A start would be an initial investment of at least $75 million in an Electric Vehicle fund, which would pay for electric vehicle development and trials, as well as recharging infrastructure."



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