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Cramming Melbourne with high-rises is bad planning: Bandt

Greens MP and Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt has said that he is greatly concerned about the suggestion from the Victorian Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, that Melbourne CBD can expend relentlessly in height and density. "

Focussing on height instead of community needs will make Melbourne a worse place to live", Mr Bandt said.

"We're already cramming people into the inner-city without providing enough community facilities, affordable housing, public transport or open space."

"People need to be at the centre of any urban planning decisions, yet they are conspicuously absent from the Minister's vision."

"I accept that we can't expand Melbourne's boundaries outwards forever, but if we simply put everyone into high-rise flats without proper services or open space, Melbourne will no longer be the world's most liveable city."

"Building without such planning has resulted in communities like Docklands left without a school, without a park or even reliable access to television." 

"The Victorian Government is apparently developing a metropolitan planning strategy.  This will be of limited value if it exists after the bulldozers have bolted."

"The Federal government's National Urban Policy aims to integrate planning systems, infrastructure delivery and management.  COAG national criteria for planning systems need to be strengthened so that state planning Ministers cannot come up with fanciful plans for tall buildings without taking care of basic services and neighbourhood amenity." 

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