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Crossbenchers call for comprehensive action on mental health

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Adam Bandt 25 Nov 2010

Greens MP Adam Bandt combined with the Independents in the House of Representatives today to push for comprehensive action on mental health.

But in a disappointing development Labor and the Coalition voted together against the amendment to an opposition motion.

The Greens amendment called on the government to take action on:

  • primary health care programmes to target those in need, the vulnerable and long-term clientele working with the community and NGO sector;
  • providing alternatives to emergency department treatment such as multi-disciplinary community-based sub-acute services that supports ‘stepped’ (two-staged) prevention and recovery care;
  • establishing a national network of one-stop shop community mental health centres;
  • providing additional training for GPs and nurses to triage mental health; and
  • additional funds for respite treatment and primary health care programmes as well as more money for Headspace and EPPIC programs.

It was also the first time in the new Parliament the government and opposition have combined to vote together with the Greens and the crossbench on the other side.

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