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Direct Action White Paper 'hip-pocket robbery' strengthens Greens’ resolve

Media Release
Christine Milne 24 Apr 2014

New detail about the Abbott government's Direct Action plan has strengthened the Australian Greens' resolve to protect communities from the fiscal and environmental damage it would inflict.

"Direct Action is a misnomer that's so drastically inferior to our existing policies that it's incredible the Abbott government would even try to push ahead with it," said Greens Acting Leader, Adam Bandt MP.

"Tony Abbott kept this hip-pocket robbery quiet during the election, but now the cat is out of the bag. To fund this Direct Action sham, the government will come after pensioners and everyday Australians in the May Budget.

"The existing carbon price takes money from polluters and gives it to people. With its feeble White Paper, the Abbott government has confirmed it wants to do the opposite, taking money from everyday Australians and giving it to polluters.

"The Greens have said from the start that Direct Action is a dud. There's nothing in the White Paper's few paragraphs of new detail that makes us change our minds, and if Clive Palmer's Senators maintain their resolve, this piece of greenwashing will never become a reality.

"Australians deserve a parliament that will support them in avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. Our jobs, our food security and our personal safety depends upon it.

"Direct Action is just a slogan. There was not a single economist in written submissions or testimony who supported Direct Action over the existing emissions trading scheme. Not Ross Garnaut, not Bernie Fraser, no one."


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