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Ditching 'Andrew Bolt Protection Bill' a victory in fight against racism and hate speech

"The Greens are very proud to have been part of the community campaign against watering down race hate laws," said acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP.   

"The Government's backdown on the 'bigot' laws show that the community can make this Government change direction.

"This victory will give a big boost to everyone campaigning against Tony Abbott's agenda.

"The Government's changes would have given the green light to racism and other hate speech, and we're very pleased the "Andrew Bolt Protection Bill" has been dumped

"This is a win for everyone who stands against racism, ideologues and intolerance.

"The Greens will continue our fight against hate, discrimination and for inclusion and acceptance," said Mr Bandt.

The Greens Multiculturalism spokesperson, Senator Richard di Natale, said: "People have a right to be protected from bigotry."

"This deeply radical Government is out of touch with community values," said Senator di Natale. 

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