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Federal city funding should have conditions: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 16 Mar 2011

Greens MP Adam Bandt has released a submission on Melbourne's infrastructure which outlines his vision for Melbourne's future, including refusing Federal funding for road projects until public transport is improved.

The submission to Infrastructure Australia's Our Cities review calls for more Federal direct engagement in planning and infrastructure delivery in Australia's cities.

He has called for Federal funding to be dependent on a broad range of sustainability and liveability benchmarks being met.

"I want to see Melbourne become Australia's most sustainable city," Adam Bandt said today.

"The Federal Government should no longer give money to projects that will destroy Melbourne's character. It's time to use the power of the Commonwealth's purse-strings to help create a sustainable Melbourne."

"The Commonwealth ought to say, for example, that it will not make any contributions to Westlink or the East-West tunnel until our public transport system is world-class."

"Instead of allowing every old factory to be converted to expensive apartments, Federal funding to State and local governments could be made contingent on having a plan to develop eco-precincts and affordable housing in inner-Melbourne."

"The Federal government shouldn't design the city, but should set the parameters for a sustainable Melbourne. Planning in Melbourne has been at the expense of heritage, amenity and open space.  I want to see clearer planning rules that prioritise sustainable, low-emissions designs and I am proposing that only developments that comply with these rules be funded."

"Our submission is the beginning of a process of consulting widely with the community about the future we want for Melbourne and the infrastructure we need."

"We can create a blueprint for a green Melbourne. Over the coming months, I want people in the electorate and experts in the field to help shape this plan."

 "Melbourne is a wonderful, diverse and liveable city with some fantastic things going for it, but we face some enormous challenges."

"If we want to overcome these challenges and make Melbourne better we need to make some big changes to the way we prioritise, plan and invest in infrastructure."

Mr Bandt is seeking feedback on his submission from constituents in his electorate -


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