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Gold Medal performances from Liberal & Labor

Speeches in Parliament
Adam Bandt 4 Aug 2021

The Liberals love inequality. For ripping billions of dollars from the public purse and giving it to billionaires and the ultra wealthy, the Prime Minister gets a gold medal for greed. Whether it's tax handouts for the 1%, or subsidies for the wealthy who own 15 properties, the Liberals are trickle-down champions.

But sadly, there's been another gold medal performance in gymnastics with backflips on tax handouts and negative gearing and reverse twists on dental care and cancer treatment – Labor now joins the Liberals as a flat tax party. Where someone on the minimum wage will pay the same tax rate as a CEO. You expect this from the Liberals, but it is heartbreaking from Labor.

The tax cuts for billionaires package will cost the public $184 billion dollars, but that money goes to the top. The richest 1% get as much from these tax cuts as the bottom 60% combined. Women only get 50 cents for every dollar that men pocket. These tax cuts will turbocharge inequality, cost women dearly and sell out this generation and the next.

We have to get rid of this rotten Liberal government of climate deniers and corporate shills. But now, for the many millions of people who believe in fairness, the Greens are your only hope. By voting Green, you can kick the Liberals out and put us in balance of power so we can push the next government to make the tax system fair, including by putting a new tax on billionaires' obscene wealth. We only need a few hundred votes to change to make this happen, and the Greens will fight for your future.

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