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Government failing on maths and science: Bandt

Greens MP and science and research spokesperson Adam Bandt says the low growth in maths and science enrolments show government policy is failing. Mr Bandt repeated Greens calls for budget cuts to school science funding to be reversed and university fee discounts for maths and science students to be restored.

The Unhealthy Science? University Natural and Physical Sciences 2002-2009/10 released by the Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb yesterday shows the growth in maths and science enrolments falling behind most other areas of education.

"The Chief Scientist's report shows the government is failing to support maths and science education", Mr Bandt said.

"Science and maths is central to innovation and will underpin our economic prosperity. We need to be doing everything we can to keep kids studying maths and science yet the government is doing the opposite.'

"The government should be prioritising investment in science and research in the upcoming Budget and it should start by restoring programs that have been cut and restoring the fee discounts for maths and science students."

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