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Greens announce PBO-costed Denticare policy

Media Release
Adam Bandt 13 Aug 2013

Australian Greens health spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale, today announced the Greens costed policy for getting dental into Medicare.

“The Greens already delivered the foundations for Denticare and now we want to finish the job,” said Senator Di Natale

“From January, 3.4 million kids will be able to go to the dentist through a Medicare entitlement. And now the Greens have a fully-costed plan to expand the coverage of the entitlement over 5 years, until everyone is covered.

“We are prioritising those people who need coverage the most so pensioners would be the first additional group to be covered, followed by all concession card holders.

“Leaving dental out of Medicare created an enormous gap in Australia’s universal healthcare system. The high out-of-pocket costs mean that many families are unable to get treatment.

“The Greens believe that your health shouldn’t be determined by your bank balance.

“Everyone has a right to high-quality healthcare. That’s why we made dental health a priority in this term of parliament and secured an investment of almost $5 billion dollars.

“The Greens believe in universal healthcare so we won’t stop until Denticare is a reality for every man, woman and child in this country.”

Greens Deputy Leader, Adam Bandt, said that by voting Greens in 2010, Melbourne voters had delivered free dental for kids.

“Next year when all those families take their kids to the dentist as easily as to the GP, they will have the voters of Melbourne to thank. And if Melbourne sticks with the Greens I will keep working to make Denticare a reality for everyone.”

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Andrew Blyberg (Di Natale) - 0457 901 600
Damien Lawson (Bandt) - 0487 900 005

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