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Greens & community force Labor East-West shift

Media Release
Adam Bandt 11 Sep 2014

Greens Deputy Leader and Melbourne MP Adam Bandt, and Transport spokesperson, Victorian Senator Janet Rice, hailed the success of the campaign against the East-West project in forcing Labor to change its position.

"Labor has finally succumbed to pressure from the Greens and the community by moving to rip-up the East-West tollway contracts, but there are some worrying strings attached to this latest plan," Mr Bandt said.

"Victorian Labor is clearly feeling the heat in inner-Melbourne.

"Labor has adopted yet another position on the East-West tollway, but they've taken a step in the right direction.”

"This is what happens when people vote Greens.

"Pressure from the Greens and a widespread community campaign has seen Labor accept that it is possible to rip-up the East-West contracts.

"Unfortunately, Labor's latest position comes with strings attached, and they'll still build East-West if a court says the contracts are valid.

"Instead of making a decision himself on the East-West project, Labor’s Daniel Andrews is outsourcing it to a judge.

"We now need Greens MPs elected in November to hold Labor to its latest position on East-West tollway."

Greens senator Janet Rice said that the Greens were the only party with a clear-cut position on the East-West project and in favour of more and better public transport.

"We need to build the rail to Doncaster and the airport straight away,” Ms Rice said.

"The only way to solve congestion is fast frequent public transport to give people the choice to leave their cars at home.

"When parliament resumes, we will be asking the Abbott government to commit to putting the $3 billion set aside for East West Link to go to rail."

"The Greens are still the only ones with a comprehensive plan to fix Melbourne's congestion woes.”

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