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Greens Defend People's Rights at Work: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 10 Jul 2014

Greens Deputy Leader and Workplace Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today announced that the Greens will block an attempt by Tony Abbott to curtail employment rights, by moving to disallow the Fair Work Amendment (Protected Industrial Action) Regulation 2014. The regulation weakens employees' rights to bargain, especially in Western Australia.

“For Western Australia, which has not referred its industrial relations powers to the Commonwealth, this regulation would give that State’s Employment Minister greater powers to restrict legitimate industrial action, but without extending the full protections of the Fair Work Act to WA employees," said Mr Bandt.

“The regulation also seeks to circumvent the explicit provisions of the Fair Work Act by allowing third parties to interfere in legitimate protected industrial bargaining.

“The Greens will defend people's rights at work from this underhand attempt by the Abbott government to weaken the Fair Work Act.

“Australian job seekers and employees need their rights at work to be stronger, not weaker," said Mr Bandt.

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