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Greens introduce bill for employment quotas in the Public Service

Greens Deputy Leader and workplace spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, will introduce a private members' bill on Monday to require the public service to double its employment of people with disabilities and people from non-english speaking backgrounds over the next five years.

The Public Service Amendment (Employment for all of us) Bill 2014 will require the Public Service Commissioner to direct the APS to implement its commitment to diversity through setting employment targets.

"Research shows there are high levels of under and un-employment amongst CALD communities particularly new migrants," Mr Bandt said.

"If you have skills but come to Australia from a non-english speaking country you are twice as likely to end up in a low skilled job as someone from an English speaking background."

"There is no national strategy to assist migrants to secure well paid meaningful jobs."

"We run the risk of creating a class of a disenfranchised Australians without meaningful work."

"The government needs to lead by example and this bill is the first step."

"There is no justification for the low rates of employment people from CALD backgrounds and people with disabilities in the APS."

"The APS needs to be representative of the society it serves and this is a good first step."

"The bill leaves it up to the Public Services Commissioner how the goal will be achieved but it will be legal requirement to achieve it."

"There have been some good steps on better reporting, but now is the time to take the next step and require the employment of people with disabilities."

"Instead of attacking the public service, the government should be looking to improve the diversity in its ranks."

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