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Greens launch industrial relations platform

Greens launch industrial relations platform

Greens spokesperson for industrial relations Adam Bandt MP will today launch ‘Good Work: The Greens’ 10 industrial relations principles for re-writing our labour laws’. The ten principles contained in the policy form the foundation of the Greens’ industrial relations vision for a more equal Australia, and will guide the Greens’ approach in the next Parliament. The Greens have previously endorsed the ACTU’s ‘Change the Rules’ campaign and this comprehensive policy provides hope that new laws could pass the next Senate.

The Greens want to see the Turnbull government lose the next election, but without Greens in the Senate, it will not be possible to pass new labour laws. In many States, the final Senate spot will come down to a choice between the Greens and a right-winger, meaning that anyone who wants to ‘change the rules’ needs to vote Greens in the Senate. The Greens will push for any industrial relations reforms that are passed by a new government to be compatible with the ten principles, some of which include enabling industry-wide bargaining and enshrining the right to strike.

Quotes attributable to Adam Bandt MP:

"The Greens want laws that reduce inequality, tackle job insecurity and restore some basic rights.

"Kicking out Malcolm Turnbull is necessary but not sufficient.

"Without a progressive Senate, you can't 'change the rules'. It's as simple as that.

“If we can kick Malcolm Turnbull out, these will be our guiding principles when negotiating and passing Labor’s IR bills through the Senate.”

“Just like we did on penalty rates, the Greens will stand up for workers and hold Labor to account.”

Media contact: Gideon Reisner, 0429 109 054

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The policy can be accessed here.

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