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Greens launch policy platform for 2022 Federal Election

Media Release
Adam Bandt 30 Jan 2022

The Australian Greens have today launched the first part of their policy platform for the 2022 election, showcasing a broad policy agenda that promises transformative politics to kick the Liberals out, tax the billionaires and big corporations, and expand essential services. 

The updated website launch reveals the shape of the Greens platform for the upcoming election, and hints at the direction the party would push in a shared power Parliament. 

It contains dozens of pre-existing election commitments, while leaving several key policies to be announced in the leadup to the election, which most commentators believe will be held in May.

On the launch of the platform, Greens Leader Adam Bandt said this is no time for small-target strategies that fail to tackle the challenges ahead of us. 

“It’s time for a government that believes it can and should make people’s lives better,” Adam Bandt MP said.

“This is one of the most important elections that we’ve had in a long time. Our country is facing a climate, health, and inequality crisis and we’ve only got a short time left to reshape our society to face them.

“While other political parties are shrinking away from substantive policy commitments, hoping that voters consider them a safer option than the other guys, the Greens are proud to be pushing for transformative change.

“Instead of confronting the challenges facing us, our political system is making them worse. Scott Morrison is forking over billions of dollars to giant fossil fuel corporations, giving tax cuts to billionaires, and failing to invest in the healthcare and social services that keep us safe and improve our lives.

“The pandemic has shown the country that government has the power to step in and change people’s lives, if it wants to. People are ready for big, bold promises that make the billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share, to take action on the climate crisis and reduce economic inequality.

“This platform launch is a rejection of small-target politics and shows definitively that it’s time for a government that believes in itself.

“I can’t wait for Scott Morrison to call the election, so we can kick him out, and reshape a country that looks after everyone, not just the billionaires and mining corporations.

“There’s much more to come from us. This is the first part of our big bold plan to kick the Liberals out, put the Greens into balance of power, make the billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share to then build a million affordable homes, rapidly get out of coal and gas, and lift people out of poverty.

“See you on the campaign trail!”

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Greens Policy Platform for the 2022 Federal Election


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