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Greens to move in Senate to make stimulus fairer & bigger

The stimulus package outlined by the Prime Minister this morning falls far short of what the experts say is needed to weather the economic storm caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and does little to stem the crisis facing people on Newstart & Youth Allowance as well as the 3.5 million casual workers in Australia, said Leader of The Australian Greens Adam Bandt, MP.

The Greens will move to expand the package when it reaches the Senate to lift Newstart & Youth Allowance as well as provide 14 days’ paid coronavirus sick leave to all workers, including casual workers.

Lines from Greens Leader Adam Bandt, MP:

“This package is not fair enough, not big enough and will leave too many people behind.”

“The Greens will move in the Senate to make this stimulus fairer and bigger by extending paid sick leave to every affected worker and lifting Newstart and Youth Allowance.”

"By the Prime Minister's own admission the fallout from COVID-19 could very well be worse than the GFC, and yet he's only pledging a third of the Rudd Government's $52 billion stimulus."

“Businesses will close unless people have money to buy their products and services, and a one-off cash payment to people already living below the poverty line just isn’t enough.”

"Casual workers without paid sick leave have been left behind and the Greens will move in the Senate to expand the package to give workers 14 days paid coronavirus sick leave.”


Lines from Australian Greens Treasury Spokesperson Sen. Peter Whish-Wilson:

“Australians need to know this government has got their backs. The government should use this opportunity to bring about structural reform as well as providing confidence.

“The warning signs were flashing well before coronavirus hit. Real wages have been stagnant, productivity has been stagnant and business investment has been shrinking.

“The government should kill two birds with one stone and target these issues through the design of its stimulus package.                    
“One of the most important things the government could do is to abandon its policy of paying down government debt. Instead, the government should pledge a massive increase in infrastructure spending to provide confidence that there will be jobs in the future and that they’re committed to the transition to a clean energy future.”

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