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Greens reaffirm core values, costed policies: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 27 Dec 2012

The Greens' updated policy platform reaffirms the party's core beliefs and will help voters assess the cost of Greens' policies and where the money will come from to pay for them, said Acting Greens Leader, Adam Bandt.

"The Greens believe government should be about caring for people and the environment while standing up to big business," said Mr Bandt.

"The Greens' updated policy platform reaffirms our core beliefs, such as making big business contribute a fairer share to fund the services Australians expect, like good schools and a universal healthcare system."

"As the country faces a growing revenue crisis, only the Greens will have the courage to stand up to big business and raise the revenue we need, instead of cutting important public services or asking everyday Australians to pay more from their own pocket."

"The Greens also accept that voters are also entitled to ask of us the same questions they ask of the other major parties, such as how much our initiatives will cost and where the money will come from."

"It was a condition of our support for the current government that an independent costing body, the Parliamentary Budget Office, be established so that we could get our policies independently costed."

"With the establishment of the PBO and our updated policy platform, the Greens will go to the next election as the only economically responsible party."

"Only the Greens will have a fully costed plan to stand up to big business and raise the revenue the government needs so that it can look after people and the environment."

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