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Greens support Senate inquiry into women’s retirement income

Media Release
Adam Bandt 18 Aug 2015

The Greens welcome tri-partisan support for the Senate Inquiry into the gender retirement income gap, established in the Senate late yesterday.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens spokesperson for women and co-sponsor of the move for a Senate Inquiry, said:

"Women retire with far less savings than men, after a lifetime of a gender pay gap and a greater share of unpaid caring responsibilities.

"With the fastest growing cohort of homeless being older women, it's timely for the Senate to examine the structural inequities which are seeing women retire in poverty.

"We hope the tri-partisan nature of this inquiry will lead to real outcomes to address the alarming gender retirement income gap, such as support for the Greens' Boosting Super for Women bill.

"Other areas we need to address include closing the gender pay gap, support for low income women, and sharing the burden of unpaid domestic and caring work more equally between men and women.

Greens industrial relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said:

"The Greens have already introduced a bill to address the inequity of women retiring with on average with about half the super balance of men.

"Currently, companies can face legal challenges for paying their female employees more super than their male employees.

"Our Boosting Super for Women Bill will make it easier for employers to do the right thing and tackle inequality by paying their female employees more super.

"The Greens want all women to have an equal future and welcome the tri-partisan move for a Senate Inquiry into the gender retirement income gap," Mr Bandt said.



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