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Greens welcome ICC Chief Prosecutor's announcement on Palestine

Media Release
Adam Bandt 4 May 2020

The Australian Greens welcome the recent announcement by the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court that she believes the court has jurisdiction in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Gaza, so that it can investigate war crimes allegedly committed in Palestine since 2009.

“Australia appears to have found itself on the wrong side of international law in arguing that the court doesn’t have jurisdiction in Palestine," Greens Leader and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Adam Bandt said.

"It’s shameful that Australia lined up with just a handful of countries to try to deny the Palestinian people recourse through international institutions like the ICC. The Greens hope that a formal ruling will soon be made that will enable an investigation to get under way.

“With Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu actively undermining the prospects of a two-State solution that could deliver peace and security to both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, it is more important now than ever to support the rights of Palestinians in the face of injustice.

"Just recently the new Israeli Government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a deal that would allow Trump’s so-called Peace Plan to be voted on in July.  This includes the annexation of illegal settlements in the West Bank and Palestinian territory in the Jordan Valley and elsewhere. It constitutes a serious violation of international law and is another step towards abolishing the rights of Palestinians.

“The Australian Government should be vocally opposing these illegal annexation plans, not remaining quiet in tacit support of Netanyahu and Trump.”

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