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Greens welcome Liddell sale refusal: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 21 May 2018

Greens welcome Liddell sale refusal: Bandt

Greens spokesperson for climate change and energy Adam Bandt MP today welcomed AGL’s decision to reject an offer to purchase Liddell and to instead focus on closing it.

“This is a decision our kids will thank us for,” said Mr Bandt.

“Keeping coal-fired power stations open is a recipe for more intense bushfires, worse heatwaves and more deaths.

“Coal kills. The coal-huggers in the Coalition should stop trying to prop up Liddell with public money.

“Just as we wouldn’t take money from the health budget to fund the asbestos industry, we shouldn’t use public money to fund coal-fired power.

“The Greens have introduced legislation to prohibit the government from using public money to keep coal-fired power stations open.

“It’s time for both Labor and Liberal to get behind this legislation and plan for the orderly phase-out of all coal-fired power stations in Australia.”

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