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Greens will preference Labor in inner-Melbourne seats

Media Release
Adam Bandt 8 Jun 2016

Greens MP Adam Bandt today confirmed that the Greens will preference Labor second in the fiver inner-city Melbourne seats of Melbourne, Batman, Wills, Higgins and Melbourne Ports.

“The Greens have made it very clear that we will not be preferencing the Liberals anywhere, yet Labor is on the verge of striking a preference deal with the Liberals,” Mr Bandt said.

“Labor would preference the Liberals ahead of Nick Xenophon candidates in some South Australian seats in return for the Liberals preferencing Labor ahead of the Greens in seats like Batman and Grayndler.”

“Labor is prepared to hand government back to the Liberals in order to save the bacon of David Feeney and Anthony Albanese.”

“Anthony Albanese likes to say he fights Tories, but now he and his party are preparing to preference the Tories.”

“The Greens will be preferencing Labor number 2 in the inner-city Melbourne seats of Melbourne, Batman, Wills, Higgins and Melbourne Ports.”

“The Australian people are entitled to know that if they vote for the Greens they are voting for a change in government and for progressive, stable and effective government.”

“Ultimately people decide where their own preferences go, but if you follow the Greens’ How-To-Vote card in inner-Melbourne, you can be assured that your preferences will not go to the Liberals.”

“The same cannot be said about Labor.”

“Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese’s silence on whether Labor will preference the Liberals is deafening.”

“Labor must now join the Greens and announce that they will not be preferencing the Liberals in any seat across the country.”

“Our message to voters is: this election, if you want to vote safe, vote Green.”

Media contact: Adam Pulford, 0429 109 054

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