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Hockey needs to be subbed off: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 14 Aug 2014

Tony Abbott needs to sub Joe Hockey off the field if he wants to make any headway with his Budget, Acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt said today.

"On same day that the Commonwealth Bank announces record profits, we see that wages growth is the lowest in 17 years and real wages are going backwards. Meanwhile Joe Hockey says the poor don't drive but the big banks should be let off the hook."

"Tony Abbott needs to put Joe Hockey on the bench for a moment and bring on someone willing to change the Budget's direction if the government wants to make any headway before the end of the year."

"The Budget needs a salesman who doesn't think that manual labour is a Spanish soccer player and that the poor should walk to work, someone willing to admit the government got it wrong and who'll go back to the drawing board.

"Joe Hockey's charm offensive to the crossbench had lost its charm and is now just offensive. Everyone knows this Budget is unfair and bad for people and the economy."


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