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Labor chickens out of vote: Bandt

Greens Deputy Leader and Science & Research spokesperson, Adam Bandt, has criticised Labor for refusing to allow a vote on his motion to protect science and research funding from budget cuts.

"Parliament was due to vote today on an important Greens motion to protect science and research funding from further budget cuts. The motion had the support of the cross-bench and the Coalition and was set to pass," said Mr Bandt.

"Late last night, Labor pulled the motion off the daily program."

"Labor is either chicken or has something to hide about the upcoming Budget."

"If this is how the new Minister is going to approach the issue of science funding it doesn't bode well for the sector."

"Last year, Labor took half a billion dollars out of research. Before that, thousands of scientists took to the streets to protect medical research from budget cuts."

"Science and research are essential to securing Australia's clean economy. We need to secure science and research funding to protect jobs and set up Australia's economy for when the mining boom is over."

"Thousands of jobs in Melbourne depend on secure, long-term funding for science and research."

"Labor should have the guts to allow Parliament a vote on protecting science and research so that we can guarantee funding in this year's budget."


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