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Labor duds Yellow Pages workers

A bid by Greens Deputy Leader and workplace relations spokesperson Adam Bandt to prevent Telstra subsidiary Sensis from off-shoring jobs was rejected by Labor and Tony Abbott today.

Mr Bandt tried to bring on an emergency debate on his Telecommunications Amendment (Protecting Local Workers) Bill which would require Telstra to produce directories such as the White Pages and Yellow Pages in Australia.

“Labor has dudded Yellow Pages workers,” Mr Bandt said.

“Telstra is required by law to produce the White Pages. My bill would ensure the work was done in Australia.”

“Telstra has made a record half-year profit of $1.6 billion and Sensis has made $685 million, yet they want to axe almost 800 local jobs and send 400 to India and the Philippines.”

“Labor talks big about Australian jobs, but given the opportunity it has chickened out.”

“A job in graphic design or a call centre should be treated with the same importance as a job making a car.”

“Labor spends billions propping up the car industry, but won’t pass a bill that doesn’t cost a dollar but saves 390 jobs.”

Mr Bandt’s motion to suspend standing orders to bring on his bill for debate was supported by Bob Katter and Andrew Wilkie.

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