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Law change necessary after low minimum wage decision

Media Release
Adam Bandt 19 Aug 2020

Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP has today said the 2019-20 annual wage review increase was too low and that a change to the Fair Work Act was now needed to tackle inequality and recover from recession.

“A stubbornly low minimum wage leaves young people behind and seriously hurts attempts to get the economy moving again. The only winner today is big business,” said Mr Bandt.

“The wrong people are being asked to meet the costs of recovery.

“To get out of recession and tackle inequality, we must lift demand. A rise of just $13 a week is the lowest we’ve seen in a decade and will make life worse for those already doing it tough.

“After this decision, it will still be possible to work full-time and live in poverty, which is a scandal in a country like ours.

“Lower wages means people have less money to spend. With people on low wages already counting every cent, this will hurt small businesses that are desperate to get customers through their doors. 

“It will also mean increased profits for big multinational corporations as they continue to push down the wages of working people.

“The need for a change to the law is now clear. The minimum wage must be pegged to rise to 60% of the median adult wage.”

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