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Liberal preference deal won’t matter: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 14 Aug 2013

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt and Federal Member for Melbourne say the Greens are on track to hold Melbourne despite a preference deal between Labor and the Liberals.

“We have always said we intended to hold the seat in our own right and with a small swing we can do it,” Mr Bandt said.

“Labor and Tony Abbott need to come clean on what deals have been done for the Liberals to preference Labor.”

“Kevin Rudd needs to outline what Labor will do for the Liberals in return.  For example, will Labor be preferencing the Liberals in Mallee as some reports have suggested.”

“Tony Abbott wants voters in Melbourne to elect a Labor MP instead of me, because he knows Labor MPs vote with the Coalition to cut single parent payments and slash university funding.”

“This preference deal reflects how alike the old parties have become and that the real choice at this election is between the Greens and the old parties, not between Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd.”

“Melbourne voters now have a clear choice at this election.  They can do what Tony Abbott wants, or they can vote Greens.”

A recent Galaxy poll had support for Adam Bandt in Melbourne at 48%.

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