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Adam Bandt 27 Sep 2017

Liddell out, renewables in: Bandt

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that AGL’s proposed solution to replace Liddell’s energy demonstrates, beyond doubt, that there’s no reason for Liddell to stay open.

“Liddell is a decrepit old clunker and Malcolm Turnbull should let it quit coal in 2022,” said Mr Bandt.

“AGL’s plan shows that the only way Liddell is staying open is if Malcolm Turnbull uses public money to bankroll aging technology.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s push for coal is a threat to the jobs in renewables and storage that will come from a revived Liddell site.

“According to AGL, the bulk of Liddell’s output can be replaced by clean, cheap renewable energy.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s push for coal isn’t working and it’s time for him to categorically rule out using public money to keep Liddell open.”

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