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Melbourne flood warnings need action: Bandt

Reports that Melbourne is at risk of increased flooding are concerning and must be acted on Greens MP Adam Bandt said today.

Modelling obtained by today's Age newspaper warns that in the coming years most of Melbourne may face a 25% increase in flooding because of climate change.

"The current experience of flooding in Queensland and Victoria shows we must heed the warning of climate scientists about future extreme weather events for Melbourne," Greens MP Adam Bandt said today.

"We need to take urgent action to cut climate pollution, but also to prepare for more flooding."

"In recent years we have already seen that Melbourne's stormwater infrastructure is under extreme strain."

"Some areas in my electorate experienced significant flooding in March. If these reports are correct we will face far greater risks in the future."

"Increases in sea-level rise because of global warming will be an additional threat and when combined with flooding will impact on a far wider area. Recent released Federal reports and maps show that Melbourne faces significant rises."

"I have sought briefings from the relevant authorities including local councils and Melbourne Water on what needs to be done to protect Melbourne and will be pushing hard for the investments to be made."

"I urge all Melbournians to get behind the rest of Victoria who are experiencing current flooding. We should all do what we can to lend a hand. In the future we might need help too."


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