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Millions march for climate, Morrison opens box factory

Media Release
Adam Bandt 23 Sep 2019

By skipping the United Nations Climate Summit to attend the opening of a box factory owned by a billionaire donor to the Liberal Party with President Trump, Scott Morrison is showing just how out of touch he is with the millions of Australians demanding genuine action on climate change, said Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale. 

“Millions of people are taking to the streets to demand that our political leaders take serious action on climate change. But instead of listening to their voices and attending a landmark UN Climate Summit today, Scott Morrison has chosen to open a box factory in Ohio owned by a billionaire political donor to the Liberal Party,” said Di Natale.

”We are in a climate emergency and yet the Prime Minister is more interested in rewarding his donors than action to save the planet. Unless Scott Morrison is expecting to find his Government’s missing climate change policy in one of those cardboard boxes, he should be at the United Nations working with other world leaders on a genuine solution to the climate crisis.”

“This weekend, millions of people around the world took to the streets to demand greater action to tackle the climate crisis, yet Scott Morrison refuses to even show his face at the UN Emergency Climate Summit, taking his climate denialism to new and increasingly destructive heights,” said Greens Climate Change Spokesperson Adam Bandt MP.  

“Scientists from around the world have a very simple message: we must triple our climate ambition to have any hope of avoiding catastrophic, runaway global warming. It’s time for Scott Morrison to listen to the scientists, listen to the strikers and plan for a phase-out of fossil fuels.”


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