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More road tunnels mean more traffic chaos: Bandt

Today's traffic chaos caused by closed road tunnels shows new rail projects are urgently needed in Melbourne, said Adam Bandt, Greens MP for Melbourne.

"Melbourne desperately needs more ways to get into and through the city by rail" said Mr Bandt.

"More road tunnels will just mean more traffic chaos like we've seen today."

 "A lack of public transport often leaves people with no choice but to use their cars to get into and through the city, so a glitch in a road tunnel can cause traffic gridlock across the whole of Melbourne."

"Tony Abbott says he wants an east-west road tunnel, but building more roads to cure congestion is like loosening your belt to cure obesity."

 "The Federal and State Governments must get moving on the Melbourne Metro and a rail line to Doncaster."

"If we make Melbourne a world-class public transport city, people will save money on petrol and there will be more room on the roads for freight."

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