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A motion for Marriage Equality

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Adam Bandt 15 Nov 2010

According to a Galaxy Poll released last month, a growing majority of Australians - 62% - believe that same-sex couples should have the right to marry.

While community support grows the Greens are continuing to build support in the Parliament for our Marriage Equality Amendment Bill which will enshrine the right for all couples to marry.

As the next step of the campaign we have moved a motion in the House of Representatives calling on Parliament to acknowledge the widespread public support for marriage equality and asking MPs to consult with their constituents to see for themselves just how much community attitudes have changed.

This motion is an important opportunity for MPs from all parties and the cross benches to speak up in support of marriage equality. The debate in Parliament begins on Monday, November 15.

The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Canada and South Africa and many states in the United States have already legislated for marriage equality. Here in Australia both the major parties are opposed to change, but the good news is many MPs from Labor and the Coalition are finding their voice on the issue.

More and more people like Anna Bligh and Mark Arbib, Warren Entsch and Mal Washer are calling for a progressive approach - we need more people on all sides of politics to acknowledge that amending the Marriage Act is the next logical step towards marriage equality.

The issue of marriage equality is too important to confine to party-lines - all members of the parliament should be free to express the views of their communities in the national parliament. Let's work together to ensure that marriage equality is a top-order priority for the 43rd Parliament of Australia.

Ask your MP to speak up on the marriage equality motion.

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