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New thinking needed on car industry: Bandt

Greens MP and innovation and industry spokesperson Adam Bandt says new thinking is needed if Australia is going to maintain a car industry.

Mr Bandt says the recent concerns about Holden's future were symptomatic of a wider problem, which can only be resolved by helping the industry adjust to cleaner and zero-emission vehicles.

"We opposed the scrapping of the Green Car Innovation Fund because although it had problems it was a step in the right direction. As we move to mandatory vehicle fuel efficiency standards, government needs to put something in place of the Green Car fund", Mr Bandt said today.

"A start would be an initial investment of at least $75 million in an Electric Vehicle fund, which would pay for electric vehicle development and trials, as well as recharging infrastructure."

"We should also have electric vehicle targets like Germany and a new COAG industry framework that can assist with the transition."

"Electric mobility is where everyone is heading and we need to get on board or be left behind."

"Maintaining a viable Australian car industry is important to Melbourne and I am confident with the right government support and commitment to innovation the industry can continue in the region."



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