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Not Too Late for Abbott to Save Qantas

Media Release
Adam Bandt 28 Aug 2014

Deputy Greens Leader and Industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP, and the Greens Transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice, today condemned Tony Abbott for walking away from Qantas in its hour of need and helping bring about the largest loss in Australia’s aviation history.

The Greens have challenged the Abbott government to act to save Qantas and its local workers, after the national carrier posted a record $2.8 billion loss.

“It appears that people are losing their jobs in Australia to prop up loss-making Qantas and Jetstar ventures overseas,” said Greens Deputy Leader and Industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP.

“How long can workers for Australia’s iconic airline and an important national security asset keep getting sacked because of Qantas’ and Jetstar’s speculative ventures in Asia and its loss-making international operations?

“The Government shares some blame for this. Tony Abbott has turned his back on airline that needs help and is facing tough competition from other airlines that are backed by their governments.

“Had the Government stepped in and given Qantas the support it was asking for, we may not be seeing thousands of jobs on the line.

“The Greens won’t let this loss be the trigger for a mass exodus of Australian jobs to overseas,” said Mr Bandt.

“The potential for massive job losses comes after Labor and the Coalition refused to accept measures that would ensure a range of jobs would stay in Australia,” said the Greens transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

“Tony Abbott has walked away from Qantas and look what’s happened.

“Prime Minister Abbott is presiding over the demise of Qantas and doing nothing.”

The loss is the biggest loss in Australian aviation history. Qantas has flagged 5000 redundancies, and there are major concerns that this is not the end of the local job losses.

“The success of Air New Zealand shows it’s possible to run a profitable national carrier under current conditions,” said Senator Rice.

“Tony Abbott must now act to save Qantas and its employees.”

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